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Odoo ERP In A Nutshell

Are you wondering what is an Odoo ERP? or maybe you have various questions about it. This post will give you a short overview of the Odoo ERP system. You will understand why Odoo is so amazing and why it is the best ERP solution for your SME.


Odoo Features:

All in one management tool for your business

It provides you with numerous applications to fulfill your core business needs. Applications such as Sales, Inventory, Marketing, Inventory, Accounting, CRM, and many more, will help you to manage your business tasks efficiently and effectively.

Open source ERP solution for SMEs

It is an open-source platform. It also provides you with a choice of hosting platform, you can have it on-Cloud or on-premise solution for your SME.

Simple and flexible

It is highly User-friendly and customizable. Forget the complexity of ERP systems. You can mold your Odoo ERP around your business.

Easy to use

Simple user interface and easy to understand operations.

Highly scalable

It is one of the fastest-growing ERP solutions because of its scalability. when we talk about small and medium businesses, we always like to talk about growth. This ERP is capable of growing with your growing business.

More than 10,000 applications to support your business processes

It helps you with core business processes as well as with other supportive business requirements like calendars, messaging. You will have everything under one roof.

Integration with other systems is really simple

Integrating your ERP solution is no more pain. Wants to add more functionalities? just go to your apps and get what you want.

Benefits of having Odoo ERP

Standardize your business

Odoo ERP is developed according to the industry’s best practices and proven business processes. It helps you to standardize your business. Not only this, all your data will have a professional touch. In addition to this, Human errors will be eliminated.

The modular approach to ERP implementation

Odoo is based on the Modular-View-Controller Architecture. It’s highly modular. You can start your ERP implementation with one or more app and later can add the additional application as and when needed. This is really helpful for small businesses where owners are not certain about the exact ERP requirements.

Highly customizable

Odoo allows you to customize the ERP solution as per your business. You can use the Odoo application in your preferred language. It is possible to have multi-currency, multi-company in your Odoo. Apart from this, you can define various access rights to your data as well as the applications. You can define your own business reports.

Total cost is minimal

Odoo can be implemented on-cloud or on-premise. You can download the free software and use it. Once you know how the system works, it is really simple to operate and maintain.

Improved business transparency

Odoo ERP provides you with business transparency. All your data and information is stored centrally and in a unified manner. you can get various unified insights into sales, opportunities, inventory. Various business departments can access your data. This will definitely reduce the repetition of data entries or the duplication of data.

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Don’t you think having Odoo as your ERP partner is a good choice?
However, implementing an ERP is a time-consuming process, but its implementation makes life easy.

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